Kyle Bjordahl

Director of Invention

Even at an early age, Kyle was always curious about the inner workings of the world around him, tearing apart his parents’ stereo system at the age of three. This innate desire to understand how things work has carried through to his leadership of Lucid’s research and development practices, where he helps create elegant solutions to problems new and old.

From optimizing the management and pipeline of a team of animators, to creating new and even more immersive experiences through the use of game engines and custom software, Kyle is eager to tackle any new puzzle with vigor.

Starting out as a theater kid, Kyle quickly took the reins of his high school auditorium, becoming the de-facto resource for lighting and sound needs throughout his four years there. From there, he went on to earn a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University, and while he has yet to actually work on a film since graduating, he informs Lucid’s creative decisions with artistic perspective and rigorous technical insight, and also provides a bridge of communication to other disciplines, including theater, animation and cinematography.

As a designer, draftsman and 3D workflow specialist, Kyle helps to bring projects to fruition with a combination of visual effects and computer science skill sets; from content creation to system designs and schematics, Kyle is heavily involved in the preproduction process, as well as on site as a programmer and engineer.

Nick Fletcher

Director of User Experience

Nick has always been passionate about (read: slightly obsessed with) “what’s next?”

Whether talking politics, psychology, or technology, Nick has always been asking the next big question about how new technology will impact the way we work and create.

These interests were given an outlet in high school when Nick was volunteer/employee number one at a newly founded public access TV station. Building this technological embodiment of the first amendment fully quenched his geeky thirst for technology while also giving him a taste for the power that the freedom of the press can have on a small community

After outgrowing the small town scene, Nick began a march up the ladder of the technical live production world. In an industry with few speed limits, Nick’s tenacity, thirst for knowledge, and calm under pressure made it possible to start as a local stagehand, and now, just a few years later, be entrusted with control over some of the world’s largest shows.

From concept design to programming, Nick is constantly full of ideas. With his work as a video director and lighting programmer, as well as creative designer, he brings a wide-ranging breadth of information to any discussion. Highly talented in system programming and engineering, no project is too daunting for him, and he will not stop until the job is done.

Dustin Engelskind

Lead Project Manager

Dustin makes an art of blending technology and creativity. Growing from a background in photography and dramatic lighting composition, his fervor for learning has fueled his rapid progression as a lighting and video programmer, while staying connected to the artistic roots of the vision.

More than just a programmer, Dustin is a workflow specialist, developing efficient tools and methods to make Lucid’s projects run smooth and efficiently.

Jonathan Tom

Head of Installation Services

Coming from a background in theatre and live event production and bringing to bear almost twenty years of experience in the cruise industry Jonathan, or JT as he’s known around here, is the newest member of the team.

Passionate about creating and being a part of magical experiences, JT is always on the lookout for new technology to apply on the challenges that recklessly get in his way.


Nick and Kyle first hatched the concept of Lucid in mid 2013, based on a growing gap in the workflow of major productions. With the increasing complexity of media production in the live space, especially when it came to 3D media servers, there was a severe knowledge gap between creative content creators and equipment vendors. By developing that bedrock foundation in the workflow of live events, Lucid has built a creative services firm that is both flexible and highly capable of approaching new challenges

head on. We bring a unique approach and formidable skill set to consult, support, and create for some of the world’s top musical talent (Beyonce, Sia, Drake and more) and largest companies (Facebook, Google, Fidelity, and more). We have set out to ask (and hopefully answer) the big questions about the future of live experience: How will new technologies change the way we interact in live events? How can we tell compelling stories that distill complex subjects down to their fundamentals, yet deliver that message in a consumable way?

Story is the fundamental backbone of compelling experiences, bonding us to characters in our favorite films, or keeping us glued for hours to a video game or a great book.

Often times, however, we eschew the importance of story when it comes to other experiences, where the concept of a storyline might not be as obvious as the plot of a movie. By focusing on client’s particular story, whether that be a narrative performance or a brand history, Lucid creates and cultivates unique, compelling experiences across multiple domains and disciplines.

To tell this story, we believe that the most effective way is through an elegant user experience. Often considered only in terms of software or customer service, we see user experience as the core of any interaction, connecting each guest, viewer or attendee to the story at the heart of the experience. Throughout our design process, we constantly focus on the end user, doing our best to see our creative decisions through their eyes.

The final audience members are not the only users we focus on, however; throughout the process of developing a production, we hope to create elegant solutions to challenges across all disciplines, and aim to make any production we are a part of a more harmonious one. We believe that by doing our job well, we can allow everyone else to do their best as well.